Cost of Implants

Those who have received dental implants agree that the initial cost for implants, which is higher than for dentures or bridges, is well worth it. Aside from the comfort and confidence you will receive from having teeth that look and feel naturally yours, you will not have the continued expense of messy adhesives and cleaning products that come with dentures.

As well, most dentures and bridges have to be replaced one or more times because of changes in gums and bone density. Typically, denture wearers have to go through several pairs just to get a good initial fit. Of course, we’ve all heard the stories of dentures being lost or inadvertently thrown out, a worry you won’t have with dental implants.

In short, dentures will continue to cost you in more ways than one, for years to come. Dental implants are expected to last a lifetime. Dr. Adams is an experienced oral surgeon specializing in dental implants helping you avoid the excessive prosthetic fees you may otherwise pay.

Contact us today for your personalized consultation and we’ll discuss your options regarding dental implants and our affordable financing options. We look forward to answering all your questions about implant dentistry.


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